Thursday, 20 October 2011

Penultimate Day

Haven't been able to update the old blog due lack of access to wi-fi but here we are on the next to last day, and tomorrow we fly out late afternoon and I'm taking a little bit of Asian flu with me. Well, just a cold really. Yesterday traveled down to KL via a four hour coach journey, thirty minute commuter train and fifteen minute taxi to get to the hotel.

Sunway resort is an LA style very kitch and ot themed hotel complete with wild animal statues at the entrance and fake rock waterfalls at the pool. It's also filled with westerners and fully covered hijab wearing Arab women (Who rather strangely have their husbands photograph them around the pool. I mean, how would you know it's your wife?)
The hotel a last minute thing as there was nowhere else with rooms available. But the breakfast buffet was extraordinary sumptuous! Big face stuffing time...

The day before we left we visited a Chinese mauseliom to pay our respects to Bets parents. Small dusty alcoves filled the walls and the photographs of the deceased I found very moving, some so young and beautiful in life.

After that the heavens opened in a true torrential downpour that lasted hours but afforded an excellent photo opportunity!

Last night we met Catherine & her mum together with Amy her husband and lovely children Emily and Kelly. Emily is looking every in h a beautiful young girl while Kelly is as cheeky as ever. Amy and her family have been wonderful kind to us as always. Catherine was delightful and a very progressive and adventures young woman I last saw as an eight year old 23 years ago! I feel very old especially as I told her I was 83 and she believed me...

Ok, must get back to the pool despite sneezing away ...

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