Sunday, 30 October 2011

St Paul's Protest

Top right you can see the police helicopter keeping an eye on everyone...

Spent most of the day at the St Paul's encampment where the protestors are making their point against the banks and capitalism in general. 

I'm pleased to see this up-swelling of youthful discontent against the establishment. I was beginning to think apathy and the material world had dulled our young peoples passions. But not so. In and around the camp eager and ernest discussions were taking place everywhere, but in a wholly good natured fashion. 

They didn't mind at all my taking pictures and were happy to co-opertate with me when I asked. There were an awful lot of press and TV people about. Meanwhile the authorities are getting a legal injunction in place to remove the encampment, and I hope it doesn't become ugly. The police were visibly present, including  a hovering helicopter which incidentally can be seen in the shot with the Cathedral. The protesters I spoke to seemed entirely happy with the policing so far. But of course, that could change ...