Sunday, 30 October 2011

Waterloo Station

Sticking the camera on the end of the mono-pod and hoisting it a couple of meters above my head made for some unusual glances from the harried passengers who saw me at Waterloo station when I took this shot. I was half-expecting the swat team from security to descend upon me but no, nobody said a word! The clock is famous as the preferred meeting place for lovers to wait patiently beneath. These days though, the crowds probably make that a bit difficult ...  

I was sitting in Pret a Manger having a coffee and reviewing the images of St Paul's when this chap, Janson, sat down next to me and started up a conversation. Strangers don't normally start conversations with me, I'm a bit too big and ugly for that usually. But he had spotted the Leica and, a bit like dog walkers I suppose, if you happen to meet a fellow with a breed you like, you tend to have a chat. So for the next half-hour we chatted enjoyably about photography in general and the shop even provided an extra cup of coffee for us, gratis. (unheard of!)Janson is a retired photo enthusiast and just like myself, had been busy shooting the St Paul's event. 

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