Saturday, 5 November 2011

Old Market

Separated only by a width of a narrow road (and lets not forget by a huge financial and cultural difference) Cambodians were busy selling food or having beauty treatments - within the same dark medieval building of the Old Market interestingly - while Westerners, me included, sat back and watched from a comfortable bar. The Old Market was a wonderfully atmospheric place and I was so enthralled photographically I didn't notice (too much) the incredible smell. Which is slightly ripe ... 

I took this shot of the girl reading candidly by pre-focusing and placing the camera on the table on time-release. Afterwards I did strike up a conversation with her and her partner and showed her the picture. She happily gave me permission to use it should I want. She and her partner, both from Germany, were delightful.

All these shots were difficult to capture due to the gloomy and difficult conditions, shutter speed was down to 1/30th second even at f2 and 800asa. I could spend days shooting in this place. As it was I only had less than an hour.


  1. Beautiful environmental photos Peter you convey the busy nature and smells and what looks like chaos perfectly. What do vegetarians eat there?

  2. Thanks Jan, almost impossible to get a bad picture in such a place! Vegetarians? Never heard of them ...