Friday, 11 November 2011


I had some unexpected good news yesterday. John Wilks, the editor of ABCTales Magazine has requested to publish one of my short stories, Puppy Love, in issue 24. I was surprised as this story hasn't generated much interest and wasn't even 'cherry picked' on his site. But it seems he believes the story has some merit and would benefit from a second chance to be seen and read within his magazine. Fine by me, especially as this means I can now call myself 'a published author'! (Form an orderly cue please, no pushing for an autograph and see my agent for the film rights) I shall immediately resign my job, buy an expensive car put my feet up and await the millions to flow in. The only other success I've had in writing was also relatively recently when The Clarity of Night gave my short story The Wall, 3rd place. And, come to think of it, never sent the prize money...

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