Tuesday, 1 November 2011


 In this tent an earnest and very young man preaches about Participatory Economies to a rapt audience.

Outside, the debate continues in a more personal manner.

As an injunction is granted to remove the protestors from the Cathedral, will they move away or fight their disposal? I think they have made their point well enough to leave, but I suspect a certain element desire confrontation and that will sour a great publicity success story.

Are we seeing the beginnings of a revolution I wonder? With Greece likely to choose to drop out rather than pay back the banks? After all, it's the banks that benefit directly from all the austerity that Greece will have to bear in order to repay the debt. And in order to pay back the banks, pensions and jobs are cut. 

When the banks have made enormous profits and been bailed out to the tune of billions already, they suffer little. And just think, had the obscene billions in bonuses paid to themselves been offered to the countries in need of cash over the last three years, I would think better of them. After all, its just a bonus, taking nothing away from an already huge salary. Did this thought, this small opportunity to be generous, occur to any of them? No, not one. Maybe we need a people's bank, a world bank.  Maybe we do need a revolution.    


  1. we need it, yes of course we desperately need it. A revolution won't be enough though, i fear. We're our worst enemy... we want to fight for survival... yet personal interests prevail, matter of ... survival indeed. Something gotta be done anyway, and fast, fast.