Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Bitch

The evening sunlight wrapped around her curves like a lustful caress. What seductive, desirable, intoxicating infatuation.
Yes, she’d let him down constantly, but he’d always forgiven her. With the excitement she’d provided, how could he not? Tracing his fingers over her contours in a last, lingering touch, he knew the deep, carnal knowledge of their intimacy, would never leave him.
That first time was a revelation. She’d trembled beneath him as he’d caressed her to perform for him. Her screams like music in his ears as he rode her mercilessly. And afterward? Well afterwards he knew he was in love.
But now she was history. She’d finally let him down once too often. Now someone else would delight in her charms – and curse her capricious nature. He’d found a new love, a new mistress to take care of, and she was waiting for him impatiently.
Smiling, he threw his leg over her, switched on the ignition, and rode off.

This little piece of fiction has just been chosen as the Editor's Choice for the week on the writing site, Jottfy !

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