Friday, 9 December 2011

Night Life

The night life in Siem Reap was vibrant and gaudy, especially in these tourist areas. The maze of narrow streets was filled with some surprising places. But what I loved most was the old French colonial restaurants complete with open balconies and ceiling fans and a relaxed atmosphere. Eating and drinking a cold beer while watching the hectic activity below and the flickering lightning from a growing storm was delightful. 

And just because I've been drifting away, grooving to one of his songs, I'll share with you Bob Marley and Satisfy My Soul. Mmm you gotta love the guy.


  1. they're walking on water almost barefoot? I don't know why (the colours, contrasts with the night, photo angles, atmosphere, sharpness of the photos) but I particularly love the 3 first photos!

  2. Waking 'in' water, yes! Vibrant place especially with all the lights reflected of the water huh?