Monday, 19 December 2011

Temple Guardian

Spotted this guide (or security guard, I'm not sure which) lounging on this ancient window ledge inside the Angkor Wat temple. They have a very casual disregard for the venerable stones that might be considered cavalier by some. 

How long before they are covered in hideous protective sheets of plastic? I remember the vicarious pleasure I felt at running my hands over the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum, that connection with ancient work. No longer, it's now sealed inside a plastic case. 

I also remember wandering around Stone Henge, patting the huge blocks of stone wondrously. No longer! They're roped off for protection. So this tactile sense is denied to younger minds, that sense of connection you can only get from touching something is lost. Which is the greater loss? That the stones get a little more weathered than they were, or that new young minds are denied inspiration? 

I know what I think ... 

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