Saturday, 7 January 2012


Such a sweet girl, but boy, could she pack a punch. 
My head rocked and my skin burnt as she hit me again and again.
‘Don’t you DO this to me, you bastard!’ she screamed hysterically.
I didn’t want to do it to her, but I was helpless and remote, unconnected, floating somewhere in a corner of the room, a spectator.
Watching through closed eyes, I saw them drag her off me and out of the room, still screaming, still trying to strike me.
Then a nurse appeared. I saw her look at me, shake her head and turn away. She began removing tubes, cables and switching off machines.
Pain lanced through my chest as I coughed and drew breath. Turning in shock the nurse dropped her tray and above the harsh metallic clatter of spilt medical instruments, I heard her cry:
‘Doctor! Doctor! He’s alive!’


  1. Ha ha...very hilarious. I would have never guessed. :D

  2. Thanks, IR, glad it made you smile!