Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Blue Skies

Yesterday I sheltered from the storm, today it's blue skies and cold winter sun. Other countries have REAL weather, we don't have real weather in England, just temperate inconsistencies. That's why we talk about it so damned much, we're all bored to death.

And now this afternoon it's transformed again, into gloom and rainy squalls. Oh God, stop talking about the weather...

Out and about today and visited this old church and met the local gravedigger pictured above. Nice hat huh?

The sun is so low on the horizon it's hard to see anything with glare blinding me from the wet roads. Nearly killed myself again on these dangerously blind country roads.

So I stopped, had a hot Cornish pasty and read the Daily Scum.

I sent the Cambodian tuc tuc driver some of the pictures I had taken of him and now his wife is writing begging letters to me. Sigh. To help with their sons education...

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  1. the hat... you really belong to the other side of the pond you! : ))

    will you answer the driver's wife request?

  2. Who's that old man in the pic? Did the tuc tuc wife really did that?

  3. Candles, I don't know who the guy is, handsome fella though huh? Especially in that hat!

    Annon, the old geezer in the dreadful hat is the gravedigger. And yes, the tuc tuc driver's wife really did.