Friday, 20 January 2012

The Devils

Has art ever disturbed you? It has me ... I remember watching this film (The Devils) as a twenty year old rather naive young man and being  incredibly disturbed afterwards. I was still Catholic in my outlook, despite walking away from the faith three years previously. This film shattered everything cosy about religion I might still have felt, but hadn't really thought much about. I think the film is still banned, and many versions that are available, are still heavily edited and censored. I don't know how much I didn't see, but what I did, rocked me on my heels. 

Other films that left me shook up emotionally as a young man were Through a Glass Darkly which showed intense emotion and hidden depths I'd never imagined previously, just as on a more gut level,  Deliverance and Straw Dogs. But for sheer power, The Devils really gave me nightmares ...

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