Sunday, 1 January 2012


Time for another year. First post of 2012.

This shot was taken in the Devil's Playground of Canary Wharf where the bastard greedy bonus grabbing executive top bankers (as opposed to the mere bank workers) continue to pocked obscene amounts of dosh without a qualm. Will it change this year? Yeah, right. 

But I have a feeling this year will mark a change, personally at least. My eldest will get married in the summer and my youngest is on the verge of leaving to set up her own home. (Mortgage offer not withstanding). So the big house is about to become redundant. Sell up and downsize? To a little cottage in some dung heap in the country? God, that sounds awful. To a small flat in the city? Now that sounds cool ... but also sadly, unaffordable. What I really have to do is escape the cripplingly boring day job that is driving my brain into mush, and do more creative stuff with the camera. Worthwhile stuff. Finding out how to pay the bills while doing that is the elephant in the room, a problem I haven't solved  yet... But I'm working on it. 


  1. Time's a-wasting, Peter! Downsize, move to Spitalsfield (?) Stop driving that cripplingly boring day job. I heard on the radio that sitting all day could harm one's health! And I'm certain it doesn't help your circulation.

    Oh, and intriguing angle on that shot.

  2. Too true, time is a wasting ...