Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Albufeira Streets

A friend told me he thought the sky in the above shot had been 'photoshopped in' and I can see why he might think so, but no, this is a straight shot. The sky really was that deep and blue. 

At this time of year there aren't many tourists in Albufeira and it's possible to imagine what this small fishing village must have been like before commercialisation took over. In the main areas there were still plenty tourists around of course, and the town survives because of them, but wander off the beaten track a little, and you can find yourself almost alone. Delightful. 

In the evening, the restaurants have all their tables out to capture any passing tourist, but as you can see in the last shot, this particular eatery was sadly empty. There's something very sad about an empty restaurant. Come next month, it will be heaving with people. 

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