Monday, 12 March 2012

Jump Started

(Shot using my iTouch and hence the crappy quality - are you listening, Apple?)

Good weekend, met up with my little nephew Zak (who will be going to big school this September. Good grief, where are the years going?)and his Mom & Dad. I haven't seen him for a few months and he's grown. Suddenly he seems a young man already, brimming with confidence. Ahh, the next generation. Make it so, Number One. I wonder if he'll pilot a spaceship that I, as a kid, once dreamed would happen? Dreams eh? Instead of being already on Mars, the USA today has to use Russia if they want to get into space. Where's the political vision? Are you listening, Obama, you bean-counting idiot. Perhaps when the Chinese get into space, the 'vision' will once again materialise. 

This morning the terrible tiredness that had afflicted me all last week finally lifted. My eyes now feel normal and not filled with grit by eleven in the morning. 

The weather though was foggy and damp, but that never puts off having to go to work, or determined fishermen. These two were happy as Larry dangling their rods in the canal. (Stop sniggering, you boy at the back).

The misty daylight made for pleasant vistas. But driving? I was nearly wiped out by an oncoming car traveling at a suicidal rate of knots flying over a blind humpbacked bridge (in the picture above)on a single track road. I dived into the hedge and he did the same and somehow we managed to pass each other with inches to spare - with me swearing at him as he sailed past. Lunatic. It's so easy to have an accident on these narrow country lanes. If I wasn't being a good, careful, boring and sensible driver, we would undoubtable have met head-on in the middle of the bridge. Pass me my Gold Star, please.

In the afternoon I stopped in a lay-by to have a cup of char and then found the car dead. I do have jump leads for just such an emergency, (dib, dib, always be prepared)but I had trouble finding a suitable white-knight. A white-van-man offered help but he was driving a stupid French Renault van with the battery hidden under the floor and hence inaccessible. The idiotic French designer who thought this a 'good idea' should have his balls removed. But then, he probably hasn't got any. In hock to Germany. Two more guys had unsuitable cars, a third said he felt uncomfortable using his car to give me help (may he break down soon in some God-forsaken place and be raped by a gang of red-necks, the selfish bloody weasel-faced wimpy bastard). But the third was a gentleman who was more than happy to lend his battery. I really need to buy a new battery ... It's back on charge tonight. 

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