Friday, 2 March 2012

Paderne Festival

A little Pirate and his Angel, practise dancing.

The little drummer boy.

The first float gets ready.

Doing my homework before I left the UK, I found that there was a festival happening not far away in the small town of Paderne. The last one of the season. So we all caught a local bus and headed on down. As we got off the bus, we wandered into the town which was pretty much deserted. When we saw them close the streets to cars with tarpaulin sheeting behind us, we were captured.

These few shots show the minutes before the parade got underway. Children, teenagers and adults all dressed up and ready to party, wandered about the narrow streets. I love the lurid colours of peeling paint on cracked walls bathed in warm reflected sunlight.

Just before the parade proper began, my camera battery died. I'd forgotton to put it on charge the night before ... So out came the trusty iTouch and I had some fun videoing the festival by walking amongst the parade. (That's it below if you want to watch). Nobody minded me. There were perhaps a dozen other tourists around but it was mostly locals and all the better for it.
Leica M9 + 35mm Summicron

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