Thursday, 15 March 2012


Misty calm mornings followed by warm sunshine, is spring sprung? Well, the cherry blossom is blooming but little else, so I think it's a cautious 'yes'. The above were taken with the iTouch so apologies for the usual crappy image quality.

In my head, I don't think of myself as a scary person. But I'm aware that I sometimes give off that impression to those I don't know. It seems I've been scaring the horses recently on my travels. One lady peered from a crack in her front door at me very nervously indeed and later called the office to check I wasn't a visiting axe-murderer. Perhaps it's my black coat. Or maybe I just need to smile less often using my best Jack Nicholson 'The Shining' smile. Nah, it's fun scaring the horses.

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