Monday, 23 April 2012

Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.

It's Shakespeare's birth/death anniversary today. One of my goals before I kick the final bucket, is to get to grips with the bard. But I find it very tough. I was never shown the beauty of the writing at school, or introduced to the drama and subtlety. Instead, it was a chore handed down to be attempted without explanation or understanding. I've missed out, so I know I have a treat in store, if only I can understand the language and overcome the built-in aversion instilled into me by my teachers. This is one inhibition I need to overcome. How can one writer capture all that it is, to be human?

The picture? Just a field of rape-seed photographed using a 16mm fish-eye lens. To make it more interesting, it really needs a semi-naked woman languishing in amongst the foliage. Or an Instagram 'art' filter. Or a LensBaby attachement. Or a Photoshop water-colour filter. Or maybe not ...

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