Sunday, 6 May 2012

Depth of Field

The eyes have it ... 

Now, I particularly enjoy taking shots with extremely shallow DoF, but it can be a tad tricky. This picture was taken using the 90mm wide open at f2 hand held and manually focused. A silly thing to do, as the DoF is so shallow at this minimum focusing distance as to be ridiculously hard to focus manually even with the Leica's superb rangefinder system. You can clearly see from this 100% crop of her eye that the tips of her eyelashes are sharp, but the iris of the eye itself is unsharp. I was indeed focusing on the eyelashes. Now that's shallow DoF for you. The shot is ruined. 

Next time I will need to stop down a couple clicks so that both the eye and lashes are sharp. And make sure both eyes are in the same plane of focus too, as I don't really like the effect of one eye being softer than the other. As I said, tricky, this shallow DoF thing, it is. 


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