Tuesday, 8 May 2012

High Street Blues.

I decided to go and shoot my little bench today after a year away. And sitting there were two really characterful people, perfect! However as soon as I sat down opposite, they got up and walked away. I sat there for ten minutes and nobody came near. Cursed luck. 

As I walked back I found it hard not to notice the empty shops, blank faced with To Let or For Sale, the sign of recession. But even in homogenised Britain, where every high street has the same boring big chain stores and you could be anywhere at all, there are one or two small shops still surviving by offering a more  personal service. Old fashioned hardware stores have all but vanished, but here is one. And a shop that doesn't know what it sells, calling itself This 'n That, goods flowing out onto the pavement. And one closed fetish shop that must be doing such good business it's closed for the day. I can really see myself in that red outfit with the big wig. Disco lives! But I haven't the energy sadly. This bug or whatever it is that's sapping my life is like a bad fart following me around. 


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