Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It's Just Not Cricket.

This is the view of the local cricket club house, taken through my car windscreen. No photoshop filter here, it's just the window covered in water droplets giving this dreamy look. The mantra this year seems to be, 'rain stops play'.

Today is also 'aday' where everyone in the world is supposed to shoot their day in a maximum of ten shots for a heritage project. You still have time left! Shoot up to midnight today, Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Upload the shots by May 22nd. I had a go, but didn't really have anything particularly interesting to shoot. And of course it was raining ... Anyway, here is my set of pictures. I don't know when they will put them all on-line. 

I decided to shoot within what I thought was the spirit of the project. That is, unprepared shots taken simply, the  images uploaded straight out of the camera with no post-processing, not even a simple crop. Quite refreshing really. Below are two of the six.

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