Friday, 25 May 2012

Portraits and Spot Colour

Setting up a small studio in your own home is never easy. Space is a real problem, bumping into chairs and walls, tripping over light stands. And when your models are tired and don't particularly enjoy the whole experience of having a camera pointed at them, it becomes even harder. And it's the first time I've used the lighting set up. So bearing all that in mind, I'm pretty pleased with the results achieved.

The top picture was the very first frame, quickly taken before they were ready and hence the most natural. I'm in two minds about the flare of light between them, but on the whole it adds to the natural feel. One thing I absolutely loath is spot colour,   yet here I've broken my own rule and left the colour of the aquamarine gemstone in her earring as she loves the pendant and earring set. Probably the small size of the colour makes its use here acceptable. I'll leave it to them to decide. They quite like this picture, but I don't think they're wholly happy with it. 

The second shot was also quickly taken due to tiredness setting in, but I love how her complexion glows and her eyes hold your attention. No feedback at all on this shot, so I'm guessing it's a no-no. Hopefully, this Sunday I can get them back, they'll be less tired and I'll have more time to do more.  

Top shot, Nikon D90 18-200mm flash at f16. 
Bottom shot, no flash, D90 manual Nikkor 85mm 1.4 at 1/60th f2.8.

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