Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pretty Flowers

Flowers are fun to photograph mostly because they don't walk away, don't grumble and talk back and tend to keep still. Continuing my lazy photography theme, I spotted this orchid on the window cill behind me in the conservatory bathed in a rather nice soft light. So I put my tea down and reached manfully for the camera. Using its maximum 200mm setting for min DoF, I set the aperture at f12 which gave me 1/250 sec shutter speed that  was just fast enough so that I could hand-hold the camera - meaning I didn't need to get the tri-pod out. Who said photography is hard? 
Ok, so it's no great shot, but it's not too bad considering the lack of effort I put into it ... 

Photo by Mandy Disher.

Mandy Disher's photographs, on the other hand, are really rather good. Beautifully delicate flower pictures exquisitely photographed. She has developed a technique that is a world away from my lazy photography and it shows. Visit her web site and see.

This was my very first camera. It used 127 roll film that was first used 100 years ago this year. No longer produced by Kodak, it's still available in some Eastern country I believe. The camera had a fixed aperture and a single and fixed spring-loaded shutter speed. After each picture, you wound the film on while looking through a small red window on the back that showed the paper backing of the film which had numbers printed so you could find the start of the next frame. Couldn't be simpler. And the pictures, if you took them on a bright sunny day, weren't too bad. 

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