Friday, 4 May 2012


As we actually have no sunlight at all at the moment, just more rain, I thought I'd resurrect this shot from last year to bring a little colour into my grey and dull life. Can't warm my hands on this though ... Another lazy photograph, as it was about to rain and cold. Just like today in fact. Plonked them down on the garden table and snapped off a few shots. Nikon D90, 18-200mm, hand-held. I wish I'd found a more suitable pair of garden gloves mind. Ah well. 

Up early this morning to pick up the eldest from Gatwick. And of course the flight was late, so spent a fun couple of hours drinking tea and people watching. Everyone is on auto-pilot, getting through all the hassles that is a modern airport. Not helped by road signs that are misleading everyone into turning into a car park and then being unable to reverse. Glad I wasn't the only one ... And the powers-that-be, *know* this is the case because you can get a ticket that allows you to drive through and out and all the way around again. That doesn't stop many people reversing against the traffic though. Stupid place. 

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