Friday, 25 May 2012

Towel Day

Have Towel, will Travel.

Today, even if you have been living under a rock somewhere out in the second quarter of the Syntari Nebula for the last quadrillion years, you will know it is International Towel Day. And under that rock in that distant Syntari Nebula, some unimagined creature will be close to its towel. In tribute to the late author Douglas Adams and the most indispensable item you can carry with you throughout the known and probably the unknown Universe - The Towel.

Sit on it, cover your head with it, mop up with it, cuddle it, cry into it, play with it, keep it around your neck and then flick bums with it and of course, dry yourself with it. Bless it.


  1. Towel day ? Never heard of it !
    By the way, I read you every day but don't coment. I should. :-)

  2. Then you've never read Douglas Adams! And it's good to know I have a regular reader, thanks!

  3. The Hitchhiker' sitting on my bedside table (with a few other books). I must get round to reading it.