Friday, 29 June 2012

Grey Day

You can never find the right book store when you want. Should have read the store sign first, huh?

Want something to read this summer? Please don't read the dreadful but unbelievably and stupidly popular, 50 Shades of Grey, read one of these books instead. Spread the word ...

This is a picture of the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, a town where I spent my college years. This picture is courtesy of Britain From Above  taken in 1920, and it's amazing to see the town dwindle into nothing but sand dunes where today it's just a continuous metropolis of vomit strewn streets from stag and hen parties.

To be fair, they've spent a lot of dosh on upgrading the seafront recently in the hope the clientele might change, and won an award for the work, but it's not going to happen I don't think. Not with all the raw sewage STILL being pumped into the sea. 

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