Sunday, 24 June 2012

A real camera? Who needs one!

Isn't it interesting (or perhaps not) how people watch events today via a screen, despite being there? I mean, why go to a live event and watch a big screen set up because they know you can't actually see the people you came to see? And why, when you do get to see the person/group/idol you came to see, you watch him/her/them through the back of a smart phone or camera? 

I ask this because it's what people seem to do. In this crowd shot, most of the people aren't actually watching the event happening in front of them, they are watching the event being recorded on their device, on screen. And what's more, it's noticeable 'real' cameras are very much in the minority, the smart phone with the built-in camera being preferred. One device fit for all occasions. One lady (can you spot her?) is actually using two devices at the same time, a camera and a smart phone! Proof that women multitask with ease. Right, all my gear's going on Ebay, hmm, what smartphone shall I get to replace it? You think I'm joking ....


  1. So true, Peter--I've noticed this many many times, been guilty of it, too. It's like we're more concerned with keeping a memory than with *making* one. We no longer focus on living the moment, but rather on trying to make it permanent. It's not, never will be, and the sooner we return to that, the more fulfilled we'll become. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for popping in and commenting, glad to see you back posting too!!