Monday, 16 July 2012

How times have changed.

I remember back in my school days we were all now supposed to be using flying cars and enjoying the view from a hotel room on the Moon. Instead we're enjoying yet another financial recession. I loved the film Back To The Future but where are all the hover skate boards? 

Interestingly, everyone seems to think we have arrived 'back to the future' because someone faked a scene from that film showing the future destination in the deLorean car as being 2012. In fact it's 2015 in the film. So, three more years left for someone to invent and create the hover-skateboard! 

What is remarkable however, is how sexist things were back in the day. But very few people saw it as such at the time. What's around today that will be regarded as appalling taste in fifty years I wonder? I'm going to suggest motor cars. And specifically cars independently driven by people. Can you imagine it? Letting people control vehicles! Astonishing! All those crashes and deaths!  

The boffins have more or less perfected automatic distance and speed control for use on motorways, whereby the car slots into a 'train' of vehicles and the driver can then just sit back and read a book. Logically, all roads could be like that in the future, taking the individual risk of 'driving' away from the driver. 

At Heathrow, they have 'Pods' that take you from the car park to the terminal. Not trains, Pods. These are always available and take you right to where you want to go. Why not expand this idea to the roads? Your personal Pod, not car, could be everywhere. It's the future!

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