Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Cycling Road Race

Japanese visitors

Fresh from the Tour?

Race leaders

Team GB, and Mr Cavendish, last.

Mr Wiggins, third from the front

No tickets were available for anything, so the only chance to feel any part of the Olympics, would be to catch a glimpse of the cycle race as it hurtled past. And fly past they did in seconds, and were gone. And that is it. The Olympics are over. Apart from the TV, of course. 

Actually, I really enjoyed the occasion. The crowds were excited, the sun was shining and all hoolaa of the Olympics came to town, swept us off our feet, had their way with us, and left. 

But really, these guys on bikes are, well, the only word is 'awesome' in the true sense of that word. The sense of speed you get when they fly past inches from your face is startling.  And the party continued in the local park where people gathered to watch the race on big screens, eat ice-cream and hot-dogs and drink unhealthy fizzy drinks. Great fun!

Even the opening ceremony was fun, especially when team GB came out dressed in what looked like Abba tribute costumes... The Arctic Monkeys were superb, as were The Sex Pistols and the last lines from the Dark Side of the Moon as a fitting end. And Mr Bean. Pity about Macca losing his voice. No Gold medal there I'm afraid. Good show, GB.

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