Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Crystal Flowers

These flowers are not actually crystal, but the water droplets give that sort of look to them, don't you think? Neither is this a false colour photograph. No, these are the actual colours, no trickery. The flowers were a gift from friends and the startling hues just begged me to take a snapshot. So I did.
Nikon D90, available light, 18-200 Nikkor.

You can't take anything at face-value these days. Digital trickery is everywhere. Instagram is used so widely it's a joke. Does anyone believe any photograph today as being 'real'? 

But in real life, people take things at face-value most of the time. I was reminded of this as I went about inspecting a number of building sites recently. Simply by donning a 'uniform' of hard-hat and high-viz jacket and ID tags, I was never questioned. You just need the confidence to appear as if you belong, and most people will accept your presence. Conmen use this trick all the time, and I can see why. In fact it was amazing how many workers looked a little guilty and nervous - as if I was someone from HQ checking up on them. I rather enjoyed myself...



  1. What a great picture! (The first one, I mean..)

  2. Yeah, I know. The second one suffers a bit from subject failure. The trouble was I was trying to remember the words to the Y.M.C.A. song...