Friday, 10 August 2012


After seeing depressing Gary, (previous post) I was in the rural landscape of Hampshire when I passed this inviting wheat field. Stopping the car, I got out, stretched my legs and breathed in the country air. 

God it stunk.

Must have been a herd of diarrhetic horses nearby who had just left their deposits for me. Tiptoeing through the mounds of steaming ****, I held my nose in one hand and clicked the camera with the other. Such dedication to the art is astonishing. And all just for you, oh, unknown viewer.


  1. Sounds (and smells) like you were in my neck of the woods, North 'Ampshire. Still, at least it wasn't a low angle shot...

  2. There are limits to my suffering for my art... (South Warnborough, if you know that area).