Monday, 27 August 2012

Kitten Expressions




Baby sitting the cat, so what else am I to aim the camera at? 

Interestingly, these are grabbed shots taken hand-held using the D90. 

Top two shots were at 1/15th of a second at 82mm focal length and iso200. The bottom one I zoomed in to the maximum 200mm setting f8 1/25th second. 

I didn't have time to optimise the camera and just shot away before she moved. If it wasn't for the VR II lens, these would have been even more unsharp than they already are. Hand-held close-up at 200mm at 1/25th second? Madness... Just shows how good the Vibration Reduction is.

That'll teach me to leave the Auto-ISO 'ON' in future. I'd forgotten I'd disabled it. By then the cat had jumped off and was gone, never to return to this spot.

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