Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bench Mar 6-12

On the bench today were a couple who didn't appear to feel the joy of the weather.

Strange, because today was one of those rare perfect-weather days.  Beautiful blue skies, warm sunshine and a temperature of only 20 degrees. Driving through the countryside in this weather, windows open and a great song on the radio all combined to get me singing and drumming the steering wheel in a bubble of pure joy. 

The song? Well there were two in a row in fact. Paul Simon's exquisite African voiced Diamonds on the Soles of her Feet, followed by Night & Day by Frank Sinatra. 

And then along came this silly woman in an open top beetle car behind me to dampen my mood. First she ran a red light and ended up millimetres from my bumper having narrowly missed mowing down the pedestrians trying to use a crossing. She couldn't see the rear view mirror because of her hair being blown into her eyes, but if she could, she would have seen the angry looks she got from said pedestrians. Then she tried to cut in front of me on a road that went from two lanes to one. After that I watched her carefully in my mirror as she feebly kept pushing her hair away while chattering to her female passenger. Just as well I did, because to cap it off, she then very nearly rear-ended me as I slowed to take a turn left. Blinded by her hair I suppose. 

Open top cars and long hair don't mix. See, I didn't say women-drivers once. Oh, I just did...

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