Monday, 3 September 2012

Bench Mark 5-12

Toes in, knees together.

On the hottest September day since records began, this man is enjoying eating hot chips and a burger. All the while reading the paper that's also protecting his legs from the grease and heat. Who said men can't multi-task?

Meanwhile a moronic young man and his equally moronic young girlfriend were having some kind of discussion alongside me on our bench. He was young, fat, grubby and disheveled, sprawled half-on and half-off  the seat and angry. She was young, slim, equally grubby and dishevelled sitting cross-legged facing him and looking harassed. 

From time to time he'd talk angrily into his mobile and then repeat the conversation to his girl friend with the stupid  phrase, 'know wot I mean?' interspersed with  monotonous frequency. 

She would then repeat the phrase, 'Stop it, give it a rest.' And he would answer, 'Well, know wot I mean.' 

Clearly not a happy couple. He seemed to be working himself up to the point of hitting something, as if that would help anything. I just hope that thing didn't turn out to be her. Or me. And with that thought, I left them to it.

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