Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blue Moon

I tend to do things once in a blue moon. It's up there, nagging me at the back of my mind, I'll get around to it, but not until there's another blue moon. Well, on Friday it came around. Won't be another blue moon until August 21st 2013 I believe.

(The moon's not really blue, read about it here)

So it was fitting that I completed the upgrade to my polished-up, smart new website on the Friday. Took me all week, but it's done. I'm square eyed from staring at a computer screen and what's left of my hair is gathered around my office chair. But this time I have a partner in crime, so there is a real incentive to actually try and make this work. Give us both work that is.

But now comes the hard part. Getting other people to know the site exists. Even harder is finding people who might buy what we're offering. The next two months are pretty critical when it comes to wedding planning. Most couples decide who they want to photograph their ceremony one to two years ahead. And they decide what, when and who usually around this time, just after the holiday season closes. Timing is all. I hope any bookings we do get don't wait for the next with blue moon...

Know anyone who's getting married soon and hasn't found a photographer? Then do please trip over to our new, swish and super shiny new site HERE. Or at least spread the word in a link? Go on, there's coffee and biscuits provided. Virtually.


  1. Pity I hadn't known ealier : my cousin is getting married on 15th !

  2. Well, I wish them all the best!