Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cutty Sark Tavern

I decided to explore downstream along the Thames pathway, simply because Greenwich itself was heaving with tourists. I'd intended to wander up to the Observatory and view a photographic exhibition that is being held, but this quieter route seemed far more appealing in the circumstances. 

Heading off through the imposing edifices of the Royal Naval College was a good start. What a wonderful place. But very soon I was walking through much less grand areas, small cobbled roads with a typical East End of London flavour terraced houses and a sprinkling of small pubs. These traditional houses soon gave way to the new; houses with rather prettily painted doors, all in primary colours, but not very East End of London. Then in a few more paces I was astonished to come across what looked like a Spanish Hospital right on the banks of the Thames and adjacent to a huge power station. It's in fact the Trinity Hospital founded in 1613 and is an almshouse still in use. 

After the power station came the Cutty Sark Tavern with a quite a few people outside enjoying the warm weather. Walking inside I immediately fell over a step and crashed straight into a wall. I had forgotten my sunglasses were on coupled with the fact it was incredibly dark inside. The picture above gives a good indication of the darkness. All black wood and dim lighting. Nice. That is, once my eyes had adjusted and I could see... Somehow I managed to stumble to the bar and order a life-saving beer. Survival instinct kicking in, I suppose.

I could have continued walking and exploring all day, but time was running out, so I headed back the way I had come. 

Little Trinity Hospital and the hulking power station behind it.

Under the power station jetty with Canary Wharf in the distance.

Old & new housing. 

(Leica M9 + 35mm Summicron).

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