Thursday, 20 September 2012

Love is the Drug

My coffee is finished, the small talk exhausted. We've fenced and danced around the sub-text of our meeting.

I pay the waiter as you get up and leave, watching as you move. You're just walking, yet somehow also dropping grenades, sending rippling circles of sensuality fanning out through the air. Furtive glances from men and knowing, sly smiles from women, trail in the devastation of your wake.

The entrance where you wait for me overlooks the hotel's centerpiece, a tropical waterfall slashing through lush foliage. It's dusk and a glass partition transforms itself into a dark mirror, revealing secrets to those that care to look. Within the reflection, overlaid with the glittering cascading water beyond, your eyes remain clear. Watching me. The lioness within her protecting foliage.

I’m reeled-in, captured within your gaze. You turn away, content with the certainty of the kill.  Savoring the final step, I place my hands upon your waist. Imperceptibly your body leaps and I catch you mid-air, holding you within my intent, pulling you against me.

Over your shoulder I watch this couple, darkly reflected within the glass. His head lowered to kiss, to devour, her neck. Her head tilting, accepting, her eyes closing in anticipation. Unseen within that cold reflection, soft flesh is pressed against hard arousal. The hunter transformed into prey.

Dim the lights, you can guess the rest …

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