Friday, 7 September 2012

Morning Glory


Two guys in a basket watched by a balloon dog.

 This balloon very nearly landed on my head ...

Beautiful curves, huh? (I didn't notice the pretty girl when I took this shot, honest).

At dawn, things started rising. 

The balloons (what else?) rose and swelled. Filled with hot-air from gas-burners that intermittently and very noisily drowned any dawn-chorus birdsong, they sedately climbed upwards to join the Moon in a piercingly blue sky. The birds I think gave up singing and left the skies to these brightly coloured flying baubles.

Taken on the D90 using the 18-200mm at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta a couple of years back. 

Slightly off-topic (well, maybe not!) but why is it that when women flock in their thousands to buy Mummy-Porn in the shape of the dreadfully written book, Fifty Shades of Shite,  it's called 'empowering'. Why is there no outrage at the success of The Vagina Diaries? Or the Vagina monologues? I doubt the Penis Diaries/Monologues would achieve the same adulation and critical acclaim. And when men buy porn they're usually described as perverted sad creatures who should seek help. Not fair.

And it seems all this 'empowerment' of women is leading to crime.  At a certain tourist attraction dungeon, they keep having to replace the display handcuffs as women are stealing them. What on earth for, I wonder? Yup, that damned book again. 

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