Tuesday, 18 September 2012

No More Hero's Anymore

This un-attributed picture struck me as very powerful. It was purporting to be from the scene of a suicide attack in Afghanistan where several Taliban gunmen had to be overcome by these special forces. However, I can't help but feel it looks like a still from a Hollywood film. I did a search and couldn't come up with any PR still that would betray the image. The ragged determination on the faces of the men looking shocked and tired, if genuine, is horribly evocative. 

I was reading up on the little reported, but remarkable attack on Camp Bastion by the Taliban. The West has been suspiciously quiet about this. When the Taliban can breach the main NATO base and destroy eight jets and several building as well as kill at least two US Marines, it's a major victory for them. But nobody is saying that. That in itself tells you a lot about how this war is going in that bloody country.


  1. I couldn't believe it was a "real" photo either!

  2. Hello stranger! Good to see you sailing past these shores, and yes, I'm still not sure either if it's real or not.