Friday, 14 September 2012

Virginia Water

The waterfall was taken on a Fuji S1 DSLR of, get this, only 3megapixel. Camera phones are embarrassed to have this little resolution today. But this was back in 2001. The following shots are all taken on the D90 12mp camera, which itself is now obsolete in the megapixel stakes. But it's never about the number of pixels as is obvious here because the best shot is clearly from the lowest resolution camera. 

The area of tranquility I mentioned in a previous post is part of Windsor Great Park, or the Queen's front garden. The Royals used to hunt in the park and there are still many deer to be found. Virginia Water lake itself is man-made including the waterfall, and a delight to walk or cycle around. In the centre is the Guards Polo ground where the high and mighty come to play and hob-nob. You will often find me there sipping an ice-cold G&T and chatting to  Kate. Nice gal Kate. 

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