Sunday, 23 September 2012

Waterloo Station

Had a day on my own in London yesterday so, as it was a beautiful warm day, decided to take the tourist boat down to Greenwich.

First stop was Waterloo Station and here I discovered they had added a new second-level balcony overlooking the main concourse.  All very modern in brushed steel and glass, but not particularly commensurate with the ancient Victorian surroundings I have to say. When you are up there you also get a close up view of all the dusty main building infra-structure covered with bird-droppings. And as any do-it-yourself man will know, when you redecorate and change just one door knob, the whole house then has to be done.

From one of the new swanky coffee shops above, you can however indulge in quiet people watching. The light was bouncing off the concourse and made for some lovely shadow play. I spotted this chap with his bike looking rather lost. But in order to get some sort of a picture that wasn't just a mass of confusion, I had to wait and hope the people milling around formed a pictorial cohesion. 

After a few minutes of frustration, and several useless pictures, they did! In a brief second they all sorted themselves into the picture above. Snap. Using the 90mm on the Leica M9. (I've put all the pictures up HERE but I'll post about them in QIP through the week).


  1. Nice ! I like it very much !

  2. Hi Peter,

    Can I buy a print of this?

    1. Sure, reply with your contact details and size requirments and I'll get in touch. (your reply won't be published as all comments are moderated)