Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Black Cab

Well, once upon a time they all used to be black, but now, while there are plenty that remain black, an increasingly high proportion seem to be anything but.

This driver takes the garish colour theme just that bit further by wearing a fluorescent green jacket. Nice. 

I enjoy seeing what turns out from slow-shutter pan shots. The resulting light-streaks and shapes can be Quite Interesting. For this one and the others, I stood on the centre island of a busy road and shot one picture as each cab drove past. (No motor drive, I prefer to choose my moment rather than hose and hope). 

To get this type of shot is much harder than you might imagine. Using the 35mm wide-angle lens I was less than half a metre from my passing subject. Standing this close meant the panning action had to be large, involving my whole body, and very quick. Hit and miss you might correctly call it. But fun. I stood there for about ten minutes and had a surprisingly good hit rate of about one in four. Shutter speed was 1/16th.

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