Thursday, 25 October 2012

Farewell, Voyagers.

Humankind's first interstellar craft has finally left the Solar System, 35 years after they were first launched. On its way, one took its last a snapshot of our home system before it left, leaving us with a message, showing us for what we are, a mere pin-prick of light lost in the vastness. 

This machine will probably be the only thing to survive our species and certainly the only thing to survive our planet's destruction. Because it will still be floating along, long after our Sun has exploded and destroyed the Earth. The gold disc above will remain untouched and unfaded throughout time. Both spacecraft are still functioning, and they expect another ten years of data to be beamed back before they die. Not bad for crude 1970's technology.

I wonder if it will ever be seen by another sentient creature and what will they make of it? You may well be looking at our only legacy.

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