Thursday, 18 October 2012

Super Yachts and Electric Cars

No, this isn't a mistake... 

One of the advantages of a rangefinder camera is the ability to see what is approaching your frame of view. Unlike an SLR where you only see what the lens shows you, the viewfinder of a rangefinder shows what's outside the frame. And when you press the shutter you see what it is you've shot, at the moment you shoot, and not blackness as is the case when the mirror flips in an SLR. 

Here I wanted something visual to better indicate the busy street, and then I saw this scooter coming along. So I framed the shot and waited, watching it approach in the viewfinder and pressed the button just as it entered the frame. I couldn't take this shot with any other camera. Well, I suppose I could have shot on motor-drive and hoped for the best, but to me that isn't photography, that's 'hose and hope'. 

As to the picture, I do like the quirkiness of the two silly electric cars nose to bumper contrasting with the cheap and much more fun scooter, buzzing past. Somehow it seems only the rich can afford these stupid little cars to massage their eco-conscience while they go shopping for their Super-yachts on Pall Mall. 

Yes, the shop in the picture below is a genuine super-yacht shop, and it's right next to those parked electric cars. 
Leica M9 at 1/90th sec to ensure movement blur.

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