Sunday, 28 October 2012

Putting on The Ritz

The haunt of the posh and the wealthy, The Ritz Hotel. 

Shooting with the Leica using the medium wide-angle lens of the 35mm Summicron and shooting wide-open at f2, taxes my ability to get things sharp. (My eyes are not as good as they once were). But the results are worth it. Here the doorman, kindly posing for me, stands out nicely from the street, courtesy of the shallow depth of field despite this being a wide-angle lens. And the resulting bokeh from this lens is always pleasing, and here it's especially obvious in the specular highlights. In any other lens, these would be rendered as just 'blobs' with no detailing. A subtle distinction, but to my eye, delightful.

The doorman had actually been lounging against the railings in a much more appealing and unusual stance, but as soon as he spotted me raising my camera, he was on his toes. I did ask him to go back to doing what he had been doing, but no way was he going to let the image of The Ritz down! 
f2 at 1/350th 160iso. (click on each picture to view larger)

The grab-shot of the Bell-Hop rushing out with some rich persons luggage is such an iconic image, I could be back in the thirties.  Not posed obviously! 
f2 at 1/250th 160iso.

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