Monday, 15 October 2012

Streets of London

Having to make a trip into the Great Smoke, I decided to walk through the streets with camera at the ready, instead of my more usual head-down and brain on auto-pilot. 

When the camera is with me but inside its bag, opportunities are missed through sheer laziness on my part. Simply having it in my hand concentrates my mind and pictures then simply present themselves.  Or so it seems to me. I guess I just start looking at things in a more photographic sense, examining situations for any passing story or a little pictorial content. 

So it was that I found myself wandering along Pall Mall and its gentlemen's clubs, their top-hatted commissars rushing to open expensive car doors. But to be frank, there really wasn't much to photograph except for some extravagant shop displays. Still, as I had my camera in hand...

There's supposed to be a recession on, or so I'm told. However, the people who frequent Pall Mall I'm sure have only the haziest, abstract clue about the financial straights that the majority of the country find themselves in. So, for these privileged folks, how about this silver skull? They might just buy it on a whim. Halloween is close, what a spiffing idea! The price? Well, if you have to ask, you really can't afford it as no price was displayed. 

Shooting wide open at f2 allowed all the reflections, background and foreground to soften and give this silver skull a suitably spooky, floating-in-air, 3d look. The 35mm Summicron really is a lovely lens for producing smooth bokeh. More pictures from my expedition through the wealthy heartland of London's streets soon.

(But if you really can't wait, all the shots from the day can be viewed here).

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