Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Walking the Dog

The misty days are continuing, I'm glad to say. Driving down a suburban road today, I found myself in this delightfully quiet and leafy street full of autumnally colours. So of course I had to take a shot. 

But there was no one about to add any interest to the scene. I took it anyway but as I turned around to leave, there was this chap behind me with his dog, taking a picture of the same scene. We said hello and commiserated with each other at all the parked cars ruining what would have been an even more beautiful street had they not been there. 

I asked him if he wouldn't mind walking away down the path to make a more interesting shot and he laughed, shrugged and even though he wasn't heading in that direction, walked the few yards down so I could take the shot above. Nice chap. 
(click on the image to view larger)
Nikon D90 1/30th sec, f7.1, at 82mm on the 18-200zoom, 400iso


  1. Nice picture but the fact that you can only see the dog's hind legs makes it look a bit odd...

  2. Yeah, stupid dog. I did hope the dog would show its head, but it didn't co-operate.