Friday, 30 November 2012

Women v Men

Some say men and women are different species. There's an awful lot of b/s talked about the differences and attitudes. Sure, they're there, but mostly they're there through the social construct of the time.

In the current censorious Christian era, women have been moulded into the beings the priests want to promote. The Virgin Mary, I mean, what woman can live up to that standard? But that is what's implicitly expected. The old saying: a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom is ironically not just a joke, but almost expected behaviour. In other words, pandering to men's socially accepted expectations as defined by the religious moral mores of the time. So women have adapted a strategy to cope. They do this by taking charge. Men think they seduce and conquer, but in reality, they are allowed to do so only by permission.

Women are more social creatures and far more used to the devious devices upon which social interactions are carried out. When young, (up to 30) boys are happy to play games and fool around hitting each other and drinking, while the girls are busy forming partnerships, alliances and spies. So when it comes to adolescence and then relationships, the boys have no chance. Not a clue. The mistake many girls make, for all their cleverness, is not understanding this. How can men be so thick? It's simply not possible!

But until men reach an age approaching thirty, they're clueless buffoons. It's about this age when men achieve the social skills of a thirteen year old girl. By the time they reach 70, they're probably at the same socio-emotional stage as a 21 year old girl. (Maybe this explains Bernie Ecclestons young wife. I can't think what else attracted her to the multi-millionaire dwarf) Unfortunately, by this age, most men will have forgotten they should fart privately when charming a pretty girl.

As to sexual animals, there is no difference between the sexes. The social construct is merely a smoke screen to disguise mutual desire. Women are as voracious as men in their sexual appetite, often more so. But to protect the socially expected Virgin Mary image, girls have evolved a plan, and are encouraged to play sweet and coy and if things don't go according to plan, can complain that the man 'seduced me' (the brute) to maintain the VM image. Men generally don't have a plan, never mind a clue. They just act on signals given by the puppet-masters, the women. Until they reach thirty, men simply don't understand. Some never understand, and it's these guys, poor twisted, bitter and confused, who then create things like the Ladder Theory.

That's my theory anyway!

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