Saturday, 19 January 2013

Heron Watch

10cm and more tomorrow with -10 expected tonight,
 - So I'm Not Going Out! Even if I could extricate the car. 

On top of the hand-rail over the pond, you can see the snow has been disturbed, probably by my least-favourite Heron. I'm going to shoot that bloody bird. With the camera, of course.  

Rear wheel drive is useless in snow and ice but I suppose I could drive in reverse... And here I am considering buying an even more powerful rear wheel drive car. A 12 year old, 3.3 ltr Alpina is tempting me. A rather special and rare low-milage car, this. An investment maybe. I was due to test drive it today. Damn. Ha, well, perhaps fate is telling me to walk away from a potential bottomless financial pit. 

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