Friday, 22 February 2013

The Club II

          Photo by Diana Goss

So the second evening loomed and, after the trauma of the first guest speaker experience last week, I wasn't at all sure what to expect. I arrived a little late to find the hall full and was pleasantly surprised to see a formidable looking digital projector being set up instead of the previous weeks ancient slide projector.  Had the future arrived? Yes, along with the usual technical gremlins as it refused to work with the lap-top. Eventually a smaller back-up projector was installed. Cue lots of prodding and scratching of heads. The future might be here, but I'm not sure everyone is ready for it.

The guest speaker, Diana Goss, filled in as three men struggled to make the new projector/computer combination work. The stoically waiting enthusiasts seem to take it all in their stride, probably par for the course I guess. But I did sense a little growing panic in Diana as she watched them struggle with the equipment. One eye on the projector chaos, she began by apologising that her assistant (who it seems normally takes care of things) had been unable to attend due to family problems. 

Eventually, things sorted themselves out and the show got under way. After the slightly chaotic start, Diana proved herself an entertaining speaker with some astonishingly good night-time pictures on display. She made it sound terrifically easy to create her painting-with-light-visuals, but I know from my own experience that it's really anything but easy. At the end of the show, Diana was good enough to display her beautiful set of Royal Photographic Society admission panel photographs which I, along with everyone else, enjoyed seeing.

All in all a very good evening and, despite one member mentioning to me last week that, "Members don't really bring cameras to the club," I repeated my apparent faux-pas. Once again, it seemed I was the only person at a camera enthusiast meeting with a camera. I do try and take a camera with me wherever I go, even to camera club meetings! At least I put it to some use, as you can see from the couple of very quick snaps of Diana, below. 

(Dian runs photo-workshops and has a DVD tutorial available HERE

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